Tiger Dragon is a live casino game using a manner of play very similar to Baccarat. But some rules are simpler since just 1 card will be awarded, only the”Dragon” side and the”Tiger” side. Which side has more points would be the winning side without any extra cards distributed. When the points on either side are equal, the end result will be a tie. By playing cards, the dealer will pay one drop a card at the start of each game to make sure that players have no locked results. Then will start to pay each card face-up, face-up

The cards at the Live Dragon Tiger match are ranked from lowest to highest. Starting from ACE to King, ACE is counted as one point. Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9 are counted according to the amount of cards. Jack (J) is counted as 11 Queens (Q) cards count towards 12. Kings (K) are counted as 13.

When coming to the table for betting on the Dragon Tiger, players should select the chip they wish to place bets at the bottom left corner of their display. Then place bets on any side, for example Dragon side, Tiger side, or tug outcome. The processor will appear from the gambling options automatically. Players must put bets before the scheduled 20 minutes have expired. The time is shown at the peak of the screen. If the bet has died, players will not be able to place stakes in that around. After the bet has been placed, click the validate button.

On the”Dragon Tiger” bet display The DOUBLE button will allow gamers to double their bets on all bets which have not been confirmed on the desk. And any bets placed and verified cannot double the wager. CLEAR button to cancel all bets on the table but cannot cancel the digit. Press the confirm button. UNDO button, cancel the latest bet placed but can’t cancel the digit. Press the confirm button.

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