The Department of Economics at Mount Kenya University offers a four-year, all-inclusive, kindergarten Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics. The program is organised to provide students with theoretical and plausible reasoning abilities in Statistics and economics. It’s among those MKU courses that delve into data mining, capital budgeting, prediction, and credit risk and risk evaluation. Graduates of this program would be eligible to work in data collection, economic plan, finance, commerce, market analysis, and decision-making. They would have the opportunity to operate from the government and business sectors.

Students may interpret, develop, evaluate, and conquer complex market challenges as a result of the program’s multidisciplinary structure. It is among the MKU courses intended to keep up with the most recent world of industry. It establishes a good basis for the workplace, providing the requisite qualifications, ethical values, and basic awareness for corporate conclusions. Today’s corporate climate necessitates dynamic players that are well-versed in their fields to cope proactively with issues in fast-paced, intensely competitive

The Department Of Security Studies, Law & Ethics provides a four-year, fulltime, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration as one of those MKU courses, The Department of Human Sciences is in charge of this program, The curriculum is intended to provide direction expertise, abilities, and skillsets to pupils with clear market orientation and management awareness, Pupils would be able to formulate a strategy and organize distinct market and management jobs due to this, The Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance curriculum is intended to expose students to various education, study, experience, abilities, perceptions, and experiences in real-world contexts.

The application is frequently supposed to train scientists to participate in all sectors and areas of manufacturing, schooling, and study in the nation And abroad. The curriculum will also expose Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology students to real-world situations that will expose them to different instructional procedures, awareness, attributes, traits, and opportunities. The Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology degree program is structured to train students to solve biology-related areas’ challenges. From the organizations, the pupils would understand and systematize purposes, theories, procedures, and records. Therefore, they’d be able to plan and incorporate technologies that increase research and laboratory organization efficiency as expected.

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